GT Spirit 1986 Porsche 959 1:12 Scale Model Car - Brand New

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For enthusiasts, there exists a number that is like honey to their ears: 959. This supercar that was often called at the time “ultimate Porsche” takes the premise of the mythical 911 pushed to the extreme. Destined primarily for competition, it received all the best technologies of the time. History will remember that it was the first unique GT, able to bring together sport and bourgeois characteristics. As comfortable in the Ténéré desert as in front of palaces around the world, it remains “The” ultimate Porsche, able to fight with a Ferrari F40 or a Lamborghini. It offered the reliability of a mass-produced car, all the while permitting speeds of 310 km / h.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Build Number: Limited to 959 Units Worldwide
  • Specs: Sealed Resin Body