Ottomobile 1999 BMW Z3 M Coupe 3.2 Estoril Blue 1:18 Scale OT318 - New

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The BMW Z3 Coupé was released shortly after the Roadster, which did nothing to stop it from immediately becoming part of the unforgettable BMW series. The aesthetic of the car is rather atypical, and the sound of the engine is unique with a very distinctive metallic timbre. With each acceleration, the four exhaust ports are akin to a philharmonic orchestra, making it very difficult to fall asleep at the wheel of such a beast. The car is everything a BMW should be. The 6 cylinder line engine brings to the table 321 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, enough to make the rear tires squeal when faced with traffic lights.

  • OT318
  • 2000
  • 1/18
  • Estoril Blau
  • Sealed Resin Body
  • 1999