Ottomobile 2010 Subaru Impreza R205

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Limited to 999 units worldwide.

At the Japanese manufacturer, sportsmanship is part of the philosophy of the brand. After having shined in the WRC on every terrain around the world, Subaru continues to ensure its customers happiness. True to this legend, the R205 is one of the most impressive Subarus ever produced. Prepared in the STI workshops, it sports the "R" signifying Road Sport. The suspensions have been redesigned, its rigidity can reach new heights and with its Brembo 6 pistons it has become a formidable weapon. The 4-cylinder engine offers 325 horsepower to this declination sold only on Japanese soil.

  • Colour: Pure White Pearl
  • Dimensions: 35x19.5x18cm
  • Build Number: Limited to 999 Units Worldwide
  • Specs: Sealed Resin Body