Ottomobile 2020 Alpine A110 GT4 Burger King OT935 1:18 Scale - New

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For its renaissance, the Alpine couldn’t do anything else than motor racing. This time, no rallying though, just the tracks. The French FFSA GT Championship was the Norman brand’s destination. While it didn’t manage to beat the Porsches and Audis, the little French car quickly established itself as a solid outsider very much capable of throwing a spanner in the works of any event! This perfectly matches the profile of Robert Consani who is behind the wheel of this “pink panther” on behalf of Team Speed Car / The former Peugeot official driver in the ERC (European Rally Championship) competed in 3 rounds of the 2020 season with this A110 GT4.

  • Only 1500 pieces produced worldwide
  • Manufacturer: Ottomobile
  • Brand: Alpine
  • Model: A110 GT4
  • Year: 2020
  • Scale: 1:18
  • Colour: Pink Burger King Livery
  • High detail sealed resin, no opening parts