Ottomobile BMW 7 Series E38 Alpina B12 6.0L 1:18 Scale Model Car - New

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When launching the restyled version of the E38 (7 Series), Alpina wanted to create a supreme "Highway Killer". This is how the B12 6.0 was born. To achieve this, the car was equipped with the largest engine ever seen in the history of Alpina. The German preparer, a BMW specialist, hit hard with this new creation. As always, the visual changes were very light but reinforced the bestial side of '90s BMWs. It was naturally under the bonnet that the most striking evolution could be found. Thus, the B12 6.0 embedded a V12 (!) of 5980cm3 easily hitting 430hp.


  • 3000
  • 1/18th
  • Alpina Blue
  • 1999