Solido 1984 Alfa Romeo GT V6 Red 1:18 Scale Model Car - Brand New

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"Cuore sportivo": the promise is in the slogan of the brand. Alfa Romeo is sport and emotion, and in the year 1984 it was necessary to replace the famous GT "Bertone" and Alfetta GT coupés. The Aresian firm presented an elegant 2 + 2 designed by Giugiaro. This Fastback received the famous Italian V6 with its inimitable sound. This block would equip all Alfas to come for a quarter of a century, perpetuating the myth until the 2000s. Today still, this coupe represents for many the culmination of the sporting history of the Italian brand. Collectors and amateurs of Youngtimers are no fools and are still actively looking for remaining copies.


  • Colour: Alfa Red
  • Build Number: Limited Units Worldwide
  • Specs: Opening Doors